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Week of June 3rd-June 11th 2019


There is so much happening for you this week Aries, especially when it comes to how you make decisions and go forth onto anew. The New Moon in Gemini starts out your week, flourishing on Monday; you may embark on something that has been in a progression of growth of any sort. You may also be in the process of making something to present to others, this is very strong, new energy that welcomes brand new into your life. You will also emotionally and logically embark on starting new things when both Moon and Mercury transit into Cancer on Tuesday! You will feel and think towards learning anything having to do with care, speaking up for yourself, and leaning towards matters that have to do with how you feel. You will also be towards helping out friends and loved ones, which due to your passions, that will succeed greatly. The Moon will then transit into Leo on Thursday, making this a time where subjects or projects may be presented positively, and if you’re still working in process, you will feel more confident with what’s being created. On Saturday, Moon will transit into Virgo, which can make you feel stifled from being out loud and instead into yourself to work on loose strings needed to be finished up. This can be forgotten assignments from class, talks needing to be made, or a time to look further into detail in your creations. Though this transit can be boring for you, it helps to have something look well furnished! Venus will transit into Gemini this day as well, making romance more into speaking matters and less about physicality. You will find social media more helpful to grow in your self love ideally and often find manifestations the key to have a healthy love life at this starting point. Overall, Aries, you are guided this week.


This is a indefinite week of getting prepared for new expenses! On Monday, the New Moon in Gemini will welcome how you can use your talents having to do with finances and comfort to what’s around you idealistically. What needs to be renovated, fixed, or even created in your life? Though you will be feeling like you need to expand in the most in your ways both Moon and Mercury will transit into Cancer, an energy that will further influence you to create and strengthen your time in terms of self-matters and loving the people you have in your life. You will feel more comfortable with these transits occurring, especially with Mercury in Cancer giving you a chance to learn new ways to provide and reach other to those in need. Thursday, Moon will transit into Leo, influencing you to emotionally go forth with what you feel is planned your way and to take initiative in what can benefit you emotionally then. By Saturday, Moon will transit into Virgo which can help you work with needs to be worked out or wrapped up when it comes to your Bills, or what needs to be bought for the home. Use this time to take care of yourself and your close loved ones. Lastly, Venus transits into Gemini the very same day, so possible positive influence on different ideas on what needs to go forth at this time in terms of self care and providing towards the home will be fluctuating mentally (it isn’t something you’re used to). Romance will be more on speaking terms, flirtation is stronger at this time, and physicality isn’t as popular (which can frustrate you a bit). Overall, your expenses have to do with making ways of loving yourself, creating ideas on how to provide for your loved ones in different ways, and wrapping up needs this week.


This week brings inspiration and a breakthrough in more ideas, Gemini! The New Moon in your sign, Gemini, starts you out on Monday, which will welcome you more advances and chances towards even more ideas that can help with whatever you are creating or currently working on. This is an overwhelmingly big amount of luck that is coming and can truly help you far in what you are trying to set your goals on. Moon and Mercury both transit into Cancer on Tuesday, which can help influence you to logically and emotionally gain insight on how to spice up the home, learn new topics and tips on giving to your loved ones, and to speak up on rights that have to do with the current news of Women and Abortions. This is an excellent transit to vocalize how you feel, to write down what makes you feel good within yourself, and to be in connection with what makes you feel positive and negative. You need to connect to the feminine energy within yourself at this time. Thursday, Moon transits into Leo, influencing you to emotionally put that ‘affirmation’ stamp on what you are going to do to gain insight on anything having to do towards yourself. You come first, take time with you! By Saturday, Moon will transit into Virgo, making this a time to write down what sorrows you feel or to conduct ways to release anything that is a bother to you. Venus also will transit into your sign, Gemini, the very same day; this is just an excellent time to get involved with furnishing the home, going back to roots, writing down what you feel, and to get into a pattern of self love and providence.


This is a huge week for you, Cancer! The New Moon in Gemini on the 1st day of the week, Monday, will welcome new ways for you to connect with yourself in a variety of ideas. You may even get involved with having a close and intimate conversation with someone, or even feel more influenced to release old feelings and thoughts at this time. The Moon and Mercury will both transit into your sign, Cancer, on Tuesday which will help you connect back to your roots and into what needs to be healed around that time. You will also feel more strongly towards what the Politics is treating Women in terms of Abortions: that be vocalizing or finding ways to contribute to this matter will be well acknowledged. Moon transit in Leo on Thursday will being stability on what you need to focus on, this will be a great day to vocalize how you feel when it comes to Women’s Rights online to the Social Media world! You will be assertive in your actions towards this situation at this time. By Saturday, Moon will transit into Virgo that will influence you to work privately on matters that have to do with what needs to be worked on and focused on. What is missing? What is needed to finished up on? Are you missing something that isn’t in order? Venus will also transit into Gemini the very same day, making this a time to travel or learn something new with your loved ones. This is also a time where you need to learn to be more open with others on what makes you feel comfortable and what doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Be expressive and assertive around this time, yet overall your week is full of endurance and being more open with yourself.


This week is all about creating a base that accommodates you, Leo! The Moon in Gemini starting out the week, Monday, will help you choose what you want to go forth with in your endeavors. You take on with focus and determination, so a huge welcome of new ideas and a overall feeling of different paths open to choose can be inspiring and exciting. Moon and Mercury both go into Cancer on Tuesday and this can influence you to feel emotionally and logically more lovesick; you want to feel secure and pampered more than usual with this combination of transits. There is also a high chance of taking actions towards the subject of Women’s Rights and the revolving situation of the Abortion Ban; you won’t hesitate to get involved with organizations, protests, or groups that go out publicly to defend this situation happening. By Thursday, you will have your Lunar return or that the Moon will go into your sign, Leo which will have you right at a checkpoint as to what you know is going to proceed in terms of what you want and needing to be addressed. You’re all about seeking within yourself and taking confrontation towards events around this time. By Saturday, Moon will transit into Virgo which will influence you to emotionally be resilient and focused on what you plan to make due. Get your needs done in the weekend, the party comes after. Lastly, Venus will transit into Gemini the very same day, making romance and getting into relationships happen based off the online world even more and in speaking terms. Flirtation is very likely, physicality is left out which can confuse you. Overall, there are plenty of changes to get accustomed to this week, Leo.


It’s your week for release and accomplishment, Virgo! The New Moon in Gemini on Monday will welcome you with new insights on how to plan out your week, especially when it comes to putting something on the table. Opportunities and reward may come in due to this Full Moon. Both Mercury and the Moon will transit into Cancer on Tuesday, making this a start of a period where you will gain insight on yourself and what you need to do in order to feel emotionally full. You will go through a period here where you will need to find ways to love yourself or put yourself first before anything. It will also be a time to educate yourself into the side of being balanced and on top of a regime. Moon transits into Leo on Thursday and that give off a lot of energy towards doing everything your way or no way, make time for you before anything else (try). Moon in Virgo transiting on Saturday will put you back in the game of needs and wants, the influence of this Virgoan Moon will help sweep out all the dust and leftovers before getting initiative for the upcoming week. Clear everything and then sit back to care for yourself. Venus will also transit Gemini in the evening of the same day, Saturday, which will unlock the light hearted romance that could benefit you from the cave you’ve been living in. You may welcome someone to bring you out and become a partner, because even speaking terms of coming into the lenses of romance. You will also have a easier way of thinking up what can be a force of enjoyment for yourself, so everything is happening very ‘step by step’. Overall Virgo, you are coming out for release and for anew.



This week is towards advancement and sorting out your wants and needs. The New Moon in Gemini on Monday will help you spread your knowledge towards situations and topics that you are interested in. You will also find better ways to speak out in conversations that could make you feel uncomfortable. There is endurance here. When the Moon and Mercury both go into Cancer, you will feel the need to be more in connection with how you care for yourself and how to help others in times of stress. Though you are not used to physical intimacy, or intimacy at its finest, you must find ways to be able to help others (especially loved ones). This is a providing and giving time not only for other,s but also for yourself. There is also a need for balance and to get back to caring for you and caring for others; make time for yourself. On Thursday, Moon will transit into Leo, use this emotional energy to assert your ideas and the manifestations you made in the beginning of the week. It’s important you know where to put the list of what to do in a area you can find it. Don’t let yourself get confused! Saturday, Moon will transit into Virgo; let it all happen if things come up that need to be reassessed. Anything that you feel isn’t working out, get to fixing it up this weekend. Venus will also transit into Gemini the same day, so not only the influence of maintaining a balance of care and reflection but also you will have different ideas to help yourself in a variety of ways. You won’t feel stifled when it comes to romantic relationships either. This week, you are assertive and finding ways to go forth in your own path of care and love, Libra.


There are so many changes that happening at this time, Scorpio. You will be coming in with some possible new revelations or news when the New Moon hits in Gemini on Monday. The Moon and Mercury transits both in Cancer on Tuesday; thoughts, speech, and intuition heightened at this period of time. You will be more willing to be open with how you express yourself, though you can be so to yourself at this time as well. You will be feeling secure and in need of some stimulation in the mid-week. There is also a sense of comfort in the home and how to be able to give more to others than to yourself at this time. The Moon transit in Leo on Thursday will make you feel more antsy or on edge than usual, things must go your way or no way. You are feeling stubborn and off the chain by going on outings with friends or continuing a goal or project that is in your hands completely. Take advantage of this time to wrap it all up when the Moon transits into Virgo on Saturday; you may find out to have some loose ends needing to tied up in terms of missing assignments or forgotten paperwork needed for the Job. Get it all done! Venus will transit in Gemini the very same day, so if you love getting work done or your job, you will have a very open mind to get it all finished with enthusiasm and positivity. Romance is made to a degree of speaking terms, getting to understand your partner or loved one, to speak on things in the relationship that isn’t spoken about, and to be able to express freely. We are making changes this week, Scorpio.



You will be finding sentimentality and closure this week, Sagittarius. The New Moon in Gemini on Monday will enhance the ability to be self aware and even more aware of how you see things or generate things in your view. Be strong with this energy because you can find out so much. The Moon and Mercury transits into Cancer on Tuesday, marking this a start of a period where you may need to connect with your own cultural side and roots in order to gain insight on who you are. What do you need to do in order to feel and be your truest self? The Moon in Leo on Thursday will help you take initiative and assertiveness towards what you need to know and understand in the midst of this week, so take that energy and go! On Saturday, the Moon will transit into Virgo which can signify you needing to sit down and get yourself in order in the weekend. There will be less a sense of going out with friends and more in the home wrapping up needs. This can make you feel bored and confused, but it’s needed. What’s also interesting is that Venus will transit from Taurus in to Gemini on the very same day! This is something new brought to romance in terms of speaking, thought, and reading others expressions. Be sure with whom you want to flirt with or want to engage in a relationship with. Overall, your week is full of getting to the cause, and to the roots, Sagittarius.




You are progressing this week, Capricorn. The New Moon in Gemini on Monday will help you increase your well being ideally with how to direct yourself in any situation or job that you need to complete. You will understand different ways to solve the problem or to approach things differently, which can bring in new opportunity for you in the beginning of this week. The Moon and Mercury transit both into Cancer, which will influence you to think and feel upon topics that have to do with caring and providing for others; this can be both a frustrating or self growing time for yourself. The lesson you may have this month is to be able to let go and learn to enjoy what’s around you, to live in the present time to let appreciation flow. On Thursday, Moon will transit into Leo, which may make you feel like you need to go ahead with a goal further or take something to the next level. Making moves is very possible by then. Moon will then transit into Virgo on Saturday, which will be the best time for you emotionally to get stuff done, possibly go through your finances and work out all your bills (this can be paying for your bills as well). This is an excellent time for you to start building a comforting foundation in your home; Venus will transit into Gemini the very same day so romance will be less about gifting and seductiveness into speaking and building upon communication! Let yourself be free for a little while for anew to move into your life. Overall, you are making changes this week, Capricorn.


You’re getting in tune with what makes you happy this week, Aquarius. The New Moon in Gemini this Monday will help you be open to anything that can be beneficial or stimulating for yourself ideally. You will be able to create some brand new ideas or manifest some new intentions at the beginning of this week. The Moon and Mercury will transit into Cancer, which can influence you to feel and think in a manner that may be regularly uncomfortable or surprising. You may think more towards the home or be interested in videos, subjects, places, or topics that have to do with renovation of home life or places for solitude. You can use this time to really get in touch with how to self-care for yourself or to build stronger intuition. The Moon transits into Leo on Thursday, which can get you back to yourself emotionally with progression on projects and how you plan to assert yourself in this first week of the month. The Moon will then transit into Virgo, which can be a understanding time of getting needs and to do lists finished and sent in. You may also ask yourself what’s to be spoke on or understood especially when the continuous Sun in Gemini. Venus will also transit into Gemini on this very same day, so romance will become easier for you when it comes to reaching a lover through the internet or the Social Media world. Overall, changes are happening and possible openings in yourself are all in process this week, Aquarius!




You are gaining some insight this week, Pisces. The New Moon in Gemini this Monday may provide you some clarification on a situation or topic that you may have felt confused or misunderstood about. You will be able to be more free and open with your emotions, so do your best to write out your Full Moon intentions. The Moon and Mercury will both transit in Cancer on Tuesday, making a significant change for you Pisces; times of self growth in terms of comfort and what makes you feel safe will be regularly and significant topics for this month. You need to place things in front of you if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any situation or around any individual this month as well. Think about what makes you feel good or what influences you to be in the best version of yourself. On Thursday, Moon will transit into Leo so use this energy to take assertion and advantage of anything that is bothering you, remember you are in control! On Saturday, Moon will transit into Virgo; signaling a time where you must establish some boundaries and needs that must be met with yourself. This can also be how you finish assignments or deal with your job. Be strong at this time; Venus will transit into Gemini the very same day so you will only not feel more open than usual, but expressive towards others romantically. You may feel a somewhat blockage but there is a chance for friendships to emerge during this transit, communication and intuition is so important at this time. Overall, you are gaining new things and understanding this week, Pisces.