The complete review of Paris Fashion Week

The week that the crowd adores and that the designers start to dread, a week that was filled with gowns, and peplum suits that were painted in soft hues of every color. Paris Fashion Week takes us on many adventures through time. As we enjoy the journey through a fantasy, the collections presented to us have kept us at the edge of our seat as the days went by: here’s a full review by Nadia Bachtiar (, who we would like to thank for making this article possible.

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Gracing the runway again, John Galliano, a true talent in incorporating real life issues to the catwalk, this time he has brought an army to us. Galliano makes a statement at his press realease which was “stories of hope, heroines, and liberation are forgotten as history draws ever closer to repetition” a reference to the upcoming Brexit, he creates clothes by keeping in mind the thought of the nurses, army workers, the nuns that wore similar hats during the 30’s and 40’s. Not only that but the use of models and their tough physic creates an image of an almost monstrous like character which adds an amazing touch to the fashion show. 

OFF-WHITE Spring 2020 

Filled with beautiful drapery, amazing cuts and beautiful circular deep cut necklines, Off- White was here to serve us good at Paris Fashion Week, though Virgil Abloh was not to attend the show, his presence was load and clear with the bright hues of pink, blue, red and of course the important tone’s of white and black. Even interesting prints like the black and white tracksuit made an appearance with amazing accessories to complete the collection just like the little peek-a-boo hand-handbag. It was an amazing show, and very on brand for Off-White. 

RICK OWENS Spring 2020 

For Spring/ Summer this year Owens decides to pay homage to his 87 year old mother, who happens to be a Mexican immigrant living in the States. Almost other worldly, the show begins with women dressed in black robes striding down Palais de Tokyo’s shallow pool. It was as if the models came down on earth via a UFO, which is as expected for Owens to create a vision of that such. The collection was filled with black, whites, yellows and a tad bit of coral. Beautiful robes, dresses which look just as extravagant as the accessories of huge caps that almost look like they belong on a pharaoh. Rick Owens always makes us crave for more and as the show ended, the sense of needing to see the next collection he creates invades our minds. 

Y/ PROJECT Spring 2020

 Tons of drapes, lines and deep scoop necklines is all in for this collection. Glenn Martens said hell yes to romantic tones and silhouettes and we aren’t mad about it. The collection looks like it’s come off from the Romanticism era, ever so and simple yet extremely beautiful. Martens plays with the many different forms of garment by recreating new silhouettes just like with the purposely mismatched top, guess that’s a new trend for fashion now, and we love it. 

PACO RABANNE Spring 2020 

We’re diving into the hippy era this time and Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo knows how to do it right. Tons of flowy dresses, sheer sequined tops, fringes and of course loads of florals and patterns. The whole collection screams the boho lifestyle that most hippies had. The bright colours though can be seemed as too much seem harmonize with each other just nicely. Cuervo finds the perfect medium for the tones of colours and design without making the clothes too tacky and loud. 

DRIES VAN NOTEN Spring 2020 

The king of surrealism has spoken and we hear him loud and clear with this one. Inspired by the opera house and a quick flash back to the late 80’s, Dries Van Noten creates a collection of funky animal prints, crazy ruffles, and a touch of floral. Beautiful dresses with feathery goodness was produced in this collection that makes you want to cosplay as Daisy from The Great Gatsby, and it’s fantastic. So many textures and flavours of prints can be seen and it definitely makes you want to book tickets to the opera this weekend. 

MUGLER Spring 2020 

Ladies and gents, the sex appeal has arrived Paris Fashion Week and we can’t get enough of it. Tiny little blazer tops that cover just about the breast area, extremely low cuts and some even freeing the nipples are right here with Mugler. The genius behind it, Casey Cadwallader, brings us back to Mugler’s 80’s and 90’s archive and touches the legacy of the garments by overexaggerating the cuts and silhouettes and allowing models of different backgrounds come down the runway creating the most eye-pleasing collection. 

ISABEL MARANT Spring 2020 

After this Isabel Marant collection you’ll need to get yourself tickets for your next vacation trip pronto!. As Marant brings in the sun to the chilly weather in Paris, it also brings in the warmth to our hearts. The tones of beige, black and subtle pink and floral speaks to us and chants us to get our backpacks ready for a trip to the beach. Almost festival-like, the bohemian style that is brought in with crochet tops, ponchos and flowy tanks will forever be plastered in our minds until summer has graced the land.


 With the hussle that goes about during the busy fashion week, Noir treats us with a breathe of fresh air with the latest show, literally. Hats made of real fern and mosses and surreal dresses with torns that look sharp enough to cut us. Though the show feels like a breath of fresh air, there is no doubt that with each garment that comes down takes our breathes away. It almost feels unreal, tons of textures in this collection as it mimics real life flowers, like a cockscomb as one of the dresses follows the endless spiral look of the flower. Clearly, an unforgetable show by Nir Kei Nimoya. 

ISSEY MIYAKE Spring 2020

 Miyake gave us performance arts realness with models to dance and float around the runway. Exciting bright colors, and beautiful drapes that allow the models look free, almost like a butterfly you’re wanting to catch. Miyake filled his collection with fringed dresses, oversized raincoats, and of course, the infamous pleats. Without a doubt, the star of the show has to be the amazing hats, tiered hats up with odd geometrical shapes is definitely catches the eye, painted with bright tones that accents the garments, as well as some great floppy hats that would just about cover the face. It was definitely an exciting on coming from Miyake, gave us something new to watch for fashion week. 

CELINE Spring 2020

 Back to the 70’s yet again at fashion week, but this time Hedi Slimane embraces the trend and adds a historical twist. Slimane brought the crowd way back to 1974 when Celine first became the talk of town in Parisian land. Hence, he embraces the effortless french girl look with added denim, aviator glasses with tousled-like hair. Slimane also brings gorgeous boots that fades into a different cuts and textures of pants. 


Watanabe plays with the silhouette of a trench coat as he mixes the different kind of geometrical shapes for the trench coat in most of the looks with salutations to his origami skills. The show starts off with a beautiful trench coat then slowly evolving it to different designs. Though the collection had no theme his strong creative pulls through as he showcases the average khaki trench coat in many ways that the basic human mind wouldn’t imagine of creating. 


The beloved Ackermann, popular amongst social media as a grey suit was worn my Timothee Chalamet for the Venice Film Festiva, but it’s not just that, Ackermann drowns out toxic masculinity, as he creates pieces of almost a femine touch for the man and accentuates masculinity in the women. Both singing hormoniously together. 


Extravagance graces the land for Comme Des Garcon, definitely a collection to dream about. Rei Kawakubo said no to all soft and femine designs we’ve been seeing from the past week and splashed us with loud silhouttes, colors and makeup. Gliding into the baroque era with much sophistication, showcasing puffed out sleeves and skirt, and flamboyant colors. The bold hair, bold sleeves and over exaggerated everything is also something you can’t miss in this collection, with all that said, it was done right. There aren’t much designers that could accentuate everything in their collection without making it look chaotic, however, Rei Kawakubo found just the right medium to please us all. 


Andreas Kronthaler changed the game with including crazy extravagant accessories that compliment seductive cuts of the garments that invite us to a whole whirlwind of fashion. Bringing us back to the 70’s to 80’s where people would ridicule fashion in the most bizarre manner without losing the Westwood identity of punk. Kronthaler creates just the right spell that mixes the two and creates a potion that makes us all fall in love with.

VALENTINO Spring 2020

 Like a plain canvas being splattered with bright paints of greens, pinks. corals, and purples. Pierpaolo Piccioli shares his vision by creating a collection that almost mimics a painting of a forest with beautiful green prints and gorgeous ruffles. A deep plunge dress invites us in for a cocktail and a cape that looks like it belongs to red riding hood invites us out for an adventure. Pierpaolo Piccioli embraces his silhouettes and also allows us to watch the clothes flow down the runway with ease just like the summer breeze. 

THOM BROWNE Spring 2020

 Thom Browne leaps us way back to the rococo era, where chocolate was popularized and when clothing was most exaggerated. With hair that tower over and veils that cover the face it is no need to second guess where Browne’s inspiration came from. Touch of tiny parasol hats and panniers compliment the garments, a model even came out with a baby tram which adds a fun and interesting twist. Thom Browne uses soft tones of pastels as he lines up the first few garments, with platform shoes that seem to be made to stomp on anyone that tries to get in Browne’s way, as well as give a hint of salutations to tuxedo shoes that were made popular back in the day. 

BALENCIAGA Spring 2020

 Instead of bringing us back to the past Demna Gvasalia brings us to the future, and the future includes blue spiral madness. Tons of boxy silhouettes can be seen here, with sharp edges and emphasized collars for puffed jackets. The black shades that are worn by most of the models adds a matrix feel and makes you want to get a pair for yourself. Beautiful coats fill the collection a specific fur coat with dalmatian prints seems to look like it belongs to Cruella Deville, and whats not to love about that?. As the collection comes to an end, out comes the most beautiful ranges of ball gown dresses, a metallic number of silver and golden comes down the spiral with a huge bow to the back making it look like a dress made for a futuristic princess. Of course, the finale was another beautiful dress with huge panniers under a great velvet textured dress that ranges between blue, red, and black. 


Giambattista Valli takes us on a beautiful stride around a garden with his beloved muses. As Valli creates a beautiful vision of texture floral embroidery and voluminous ruffles bringing us back to mid-century beauty. The delightful collection brings our hearts at peace. Not only that, but the amazing choice of colours sings wonderfully with the cut of the garments and glides right down the runway with ease and peace. 


Sarah Burton takes it up a notch once again, with a lace dress made of beautiful laser cut dress that flies down the runway and their beautiful signature peplum blazer is prominent in this year’s collection. The collection was done with their white and blacks, even though it may be a safe colour but it does create a head turner with hoe the silhouette hugs the body effortlessly.


A jump back to the 80’s on the final days of fashion week with beautiful silhouettes and funky sleeves. Not to mention as well the great prints that illuminate down with the light making the collection fun and easy to watch. This collection almost did a 360 on the brand as it flies away from the past seasons pastels and bringing in brighter and louder colours that speak for themselves, hence making the brand even more flavourful.

MIU MIU Spring 2020

Miuccia Prada brings us 80’s but in a different light, Prada accentuates the high waist which elongates the body form that makes the female body looks delicate and even more feminine. Wonderful tones for neutrals that blends perfectly with bright colours of pink, coral, purple, turquoise and orange, Prada also plays around with complementary colours, for instance, the beautiful turquoise with the yellow boots. 

CHANEL Spring 2020

On the final day of Paris Fashion Week, Virginie Viard gives us an effortless evening with flawless and leggy French girls. Flat shoes incorporated with tiny shorts and black semi-see through tights and the little bell-shaped skirts. An ideal focus on 1950sand 1960s French films, Viard creates a Parisian dream as we continue to daydream of the collection on the rooftop. An ideal focus on tweed and rich colours of red, black, pink, and navy fades into the sky from the rooftop making us gaze out in the air with love.

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