JACQUEMUS: the latest revelation

Who is Jacquemus? The self-taught 28-year-old designer created his brand at the age of only 19, and introduced his first collection to the Paris Fashion Week back in 2012. Simon Porte Jacquemus, ou le “prince de la mode“, born and raised in the south of France, honors his mother’s essence and style. Her accidental death in a car crash pushed the then 19-year-old to start his own brand, naming it JACQUEMUS as a tribute to his mother’s maiden name.
Jacquemus SS18 “La Bomba”
Simon doesn’t only obtain his inspiration from his native Provence by the Mediterranean sea, but also from cinema, his favorite movie being L’Été meurtier(1983). The Jacquemus woman is inspired by the women of his life. Each collection tells a story and is a reference to his memories.

“Jacquemus is not about nightlife and clubbing and things like that, it’s more about fruit and vegetables and rolling in the grass.”

What’s remarkable about the Jacquemus aesthetic, is its elegant simplicity that never fails to be mixed with that certain Mediterranean creativity. The brand’s most famous designs are with no doubt, the mini Jacquemus handbag (Le Sac Espelho), the sculptural heels, or more recently the oversized hat Le Chapeau that has been all over Instagram.

More and more celebrities have been spotted wearing the most classic Jacquemus pieces, such as Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and more.
Rihanna in Jacquemus Top
“Minimalism was not a reference, it was because I had no money.”
However, Jaquemus wasn’t always the successful brand that it is today. A few years back, Simon was just another financially-struggling, aspiring designer. He wouldn’t use pockets nor buttons because they were really expensive. He just knew he had to make the “best that was possible with what I had”. It all resulted with a fresh, new brand, inspired by the French Provence and which carries a minimalist, effortless yet original look that all the celebrities and online stars seem to adore.
Jacquemus Fall 2015 RTW
Just recently, Jacquemus dropped his first Men collection, Spring-Summer 2019 “Le Gadjo” which was heavily inspired by the Mediterranean manhood, lifestyle, and frankness. The show took place at the beach in Marseille, France and promoted, with its diverse casting, the wellbeing of “the guys at the beach”, which is opposed to what we normally see on the runway.

As Simon said it so well himself: “Fashion is poetry. It’s a way to tell a story, to say something in this world, because you always send a message with what you wear. Yet, fashion is also a business. I sell poetry.”
The industry surely is looking forward for more of what the Jacquemus world has to offer, and for what the designer himself has in mind.
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