Which High Fashion brand are you?

The Artémis Team loves astrology (check your horoscope here). Therefore, here is an exotic post where you’ll find out which high fashion brand suits your zodiac sign the most. Enjoy!

Alexander Wang: Aries
Alexander Wang’s designs usually come with a massive punch and a rebel vibe. Most of all, Wang’s designs are bold and usually do a great job centering self ownership and originality which is ​so​ Aries.

Elie Saab: Taurus
Elie Saab is all about elegance, extravagance and beauty. Saab fits perfectly with Taurus’ need for opulence and mastering the art form.

Vfiles: Gemini
Vfiles knows how to have fun with its designs, while also showcasing uniqueness that could fit the desire of a Gemini experimenting with new facets of self expression. The brand brings out youth and rebellion which a Gemini could definitely get down to.

Kate Spade: Cancer
Kate Spade is very colorful, whimsical but also has a soft and conservative touch with the designs which are all reminiscent of Cancer. While the designs can be a bit quirky, they are also fun and creative.

Marc Jacobs: Leo
Marc Jacobs knows how to make a statement. They’re the show that close NYFW (Read now: A guide to New York Fashion Week), and are always showing new, unique and bold looks. Jacobs centers identity at the forefront and is open to trying new and domineering looks that almost demand presence, which is what Leo is all about.

Erdem: Virgo
Erdem is classy, sheek and clean. The simplicity of Erdem speaks loudly to Virgo who loves a nice, orderly but effortless look.

Galia Lahav: Libra
Galia Lahv capitalizes on elegance but in a way that is very flirtatious, colorful and that screams life of the party. The designs also vary which fits well with Libra’s desires to dress themselves to every mood and occasion.

Tom Ford: Scorpio
Tom Ford is provocative and demanding which is as Scorpionic as it gets. The designer is known to push boundaries while also developing simple yet powerful looks.

Raf Simons: Sagittarius
Raf Simons speaks to Sagittarius’ counter culture and forward thinking. The designs are usually simple, but also intricate. Looking at his designs requires us to think and understand the conceptualization as a whole, and Sagittarius loves to deal with theorizing and looking at the big picture.

Burberry: Capricorn
Burberry has a regal and royal flavor to it that corresponds with Capricorn’s need for prosperity and greatness. The designs don’t go too overboard with color and the silhouette–everything is quite simple but done so in a way that it is classical and speaks to an older tone of style.

Maison Margiela: Aquarius
Margiela’s designs speak to the future which is a perfect fit for the futuristic sign of Aquarius. The Maison Margiela designs are rammed with color, unexpected silhouettes and fully unlock creativity that you’re almost always shocked.

Norma Kamali: Pisces
Norma Kamali captures the whimsical and surrealism behind Pisces. The designs aren’t completely avant garde, but looking at them definitely provokes a reaction, usually one from a deep place. You are almost immediately entranced.

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(All pictures can be found on the Vogue Runway app.)

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