2018: An Ultimate Fashion Rewind

The year of 2018 will surely be memorable for many reasons, whether they be political, environmental or social. During this year, the fashion industry was redesigned in many interesting ways too. Here is an ultimate fashion rewind of 2018, prepared with the help of this project’s collaborator, Natalia Mandes. (Follow her on twitter now.) 1. Heidi … Read more2018: An Ultimate Fashion Rewind

History of Fashion: The Edwardian Era

History of Fashion: In these series, Artémis Magazine is pleased to invite you to rediscover many particular and memorable eras of Fashion through all its history. In this article, we will focus on the Edwardian era (1900-1910) with the help of this article’s collaborator, Nayeli Alelí Ruís Salazar, (follow her on Twitter now.) (If you … Read moreHistory of Fashion: The Edwardian Era