History of Fashion: The Edwardian Era

History of Fashion: In these series, Artémis Magazine is pleased to invite you to rediscover many particular and memorable eras of Fashion through all its history. In this article, we will focus on the Edwardian era (1900-1910) with the help of this article’s collaborator, Nayeli Alelí Ruís Salazar, (follow her on Twitter now.) (If you … Read moreHistory of Fashion: The Edwardian Era

Fashion in the 70’s.

The 1970s were a decade of laid-back fun and freedom. Hippie/Bohemian culture, a remnant from the ’60s, was thriving. David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles grew into massive musical icons of this decade. Also, experimentation and rule-breaking in fashion was at an all-time high.  This decade was marked by increased autonomy of women. Women were … Read moreFashion in the 70’s.

Céline by Phoebe Philo: a fashion flashback

Phoebe Philo, British fashion designer, was the creative director of the French Fashion House Céline for 10 years. She started loving fashion at a young age, and ended up studying design at Central Saint Martins, in London. She then became creative director of the brand Chloé, following Stella McCartney, in 2001, and left the brand … Read moreCéline by Phoebe Philo: a fashion flashback

Marie Antoinette, or the Queen of Fashion

Before today’s fashion, before Christian Dior or even Coco Chanel, there was the one and only Marie Antoinette. The queen of France always loved to dress. She mesmerized all of Europe with her style, charm, and love for partying. Despite her tragic destiny, her name is celebrated for representing fine french taste. She was not … Read moreMarie Antoinette, or the Queen of Fashion

A Quick Guide to the Heroin Chic trend

Heroin Chic, one of the, if not the most controversial era of the Fashion industry, was a trend that lasted for a few years back in the 90s. It’s basically a look characterized by pale skin, dark circles underneath the eyes, dark red lipstick and angular bone structure, not to mention the extreme thinness. According … Read moreA Quick Guide to the Heroin Chic trend