Live your best Fashion life in Madrid, Spain.
Madrid’s citizens spend most of their time on the streets. Their passion for life and their energy is reflected in the style and the fashion of the city: there are lots of museums, amazing restaurants and lovely boulevards. The culture, way of living, and unique personality of the city make Madrid an excellent destination for any fashion lover. In order to live your best High Fashion life made in Madrid, Spain, read this special Fashion Travel post!

To feel the beauty and the historic past of the city, take a walk around the royal palace and the streets that surround it. The two hotels that stand out the most are The Ritz and The Palace, which are masterpieces, outside and inside. So many important people have slept there, and left a bit of their style in them. If you fancy tea, you can have the best made in Spain one at the Ritz.


The most important museum in Madrid is the Prado museum, which displays paintings by artists like Goya, Velazquez, Murillo, and Picasso. However, if you want to skip right to the fashion related locations, the Museo del Traje is your perfect place. With designs from different historic periods, you can learn how fashion has evolved through history. You can also take a look at great expositions of modern fashion designers like Balenciaga, Givenchy, or Oscar de la Renta.
If you want to go shopping in a very chic – high fashion kind of area, Salamanca is great for you. This neighborhood’s buildings and streets remind everyone of Paris, but with a charming Spanish switch. There are many streets with amazing boutiques where you can find very special clothing items like Jorge Juan, Lagasca or Claudio Coello. 
For the best luxury ambiance, go to the Serrano street where all luxury brands (like Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Prada and more) are surrounded with lovely cafes and restaurants.
But don’t forget about the Vogue Fashion Night Out! Madrid dresses up in the fanciest way for this special night of the year. Salamanca’s streets are filled with Vogue covers, red carpets, balloons and music. A real street style runway, many of the stores stay open until late night during VFNO. They welcome you with cocktails, small giftbags, photoshoots and delicious bites, as they present their new collections to their clients. It’s definitely something that you shouldn’t miss.

In Madrid, people remain busy and are on the streets until late afternoon. All the restaurants and cafes are full with their tables outside. This really influences Madrid’s character and style. Some restaurants that you can’t miss, which might be a little pricey but definitely worth it, are La Bien Aparecida, La Máquina, Lateral or Dingo.

You will find fashion inspiration anywhere you go. From the street style of the people around you to the little boutiques. Madrid’s people live every moment to the fullest. Wether it’s having coffee with a friend, or just walking back home from work glancing at the stores. To enjoy your morning coffee in front of a nice view, the Cappuccino café is your go-to. It’s located right in front of the Puerta de Alcala and the Retiro Park, two major Madrid sightseeing areas.

The Artémis team would like to thank this article’s collaborator, Paula Copado, who lives in Madrid and who informed us about the city’s most charming fashion places. Paula’s Twitter:

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