Should Kaia Gerber take a break?
Kaia Gerber, daughter of  supermodel Cindy Crawford, has been active as a model in the industry since 2015. She has walked for big names like Chanel, Saint Laurent, Prada, Alexander Wang, and more. Her first solo Vogue cover was for 2017’s February issue of Vogue Paris. She has also done many campaigns and photoshoots, and is an Instagram influencer as well. Just recently, she collaborated with designer Karl Lagerfeld for a new collection, #KarlxKaia. She’s young, sweet, and only 17.
Kaia Gerber’s presence in the industry is powerful. She has an attitude in her walk and expressions. She’s the example of an actual hardworking model.
However, the modeling and fashion industry can be dangerous sometimes. Kaia works hard at a young age, and her health seems to be at stake. The model has been losing significant amounts of weight for the past two years. Paparazzis follow her everywhere she goes, and she looks more tired and skinnier everytime. (Read now: the truth about modeling). A lot of online speculations about her mental and physical health were made, supposing that Kaia Gerber may be suffering from an eating disorder.
Kaia Gerber is severely underweight, and no one seems to care enough. Big brands keep hiring her and people keep praising her, but is anyone out there asking about how she’s actually doing? It’s in moments like these where people begin to wonder about what her mother is doing about all this.  Another famous model who admitted going through eating disorders is Lily Rose Depp, who is the face of Chanel. Lily used to be severely underweight and exhausted, too. She then confessed that she was going through tough moments and suffered from anorexia. However, Lily looks healthier and happier currently.
Just recently, australian model Gemma Ward, commented about Kaia Gerber’s physical appearance on Instagram: “I think Kaia needs a little break perhaps… @cindycrawford.” Kaia was very active during fashion season last year, and now September begins again. (Check out the fashion week schedules for this year). We wonder in how much shows she’ll be this season, even if we have already seen her walk for this month’s Tom Ford show. Will this be another exhausting month for Kaia? We hope not, and we hope she does get to have a ‘break’.
Kaia Gerber for Tom Ford SS19
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