What it was like to attend Jacquemus SS19.
Fashion month is almost over, but the last and most important week is happening right now! Paris Fashion Week has been blessing us with many phenomenal shows, and one of them was definitely Jacquemus. This article’s collaborator, Maïrola, attended the Jacquemus show and told us all about it. The 21-year-old parisian business student has been passionate about fashion for as long as she can remember. She wishes to create her own self-named fashion brand in the future. We asked her a couple of questions regarding her experience during Paris Fashion Week and the Jacquemus show:
-What are your visions on the Fashion World?
The fashion industry is sophisticated and it’s always evolving. What’s so fascinating about it is the ability to express one’s creativity in the most unique way. I admire a lot of designers and their history like Emilio Pucci, Miu Miu, Dior, Yves saint Laurent and more.. Of course, and more recently I find Jaquemus very fascinating for the beauty of the brand’s shapes and its lively colors.
Taken by Maïrola.
-How would you describe a typical day during Paris Fashion Week?
You know it’s Paris Fashion Week when the most crucial question of your day is: « What will I be wearing today? ». Once you get to finally choose the perfect outfit, the day passes by as you’re having coffee with your bloggers friends, waiting for your show.
Taken by Maïrola.
-What was it like to attend this season’s Jacquemus show?
Since I’m really passionate about fashion, attending a show always is a beautiful experience for me. Five minutes after everyone has arrived, the show can finally start. The place suddenly becomes filled with silence as the music begins to play, and the cameras start flashing. The first model to open the show reflects the show’s sensation with her elegant walk and allure. Seeing the designs in real life and not only on your phone is extremely satisfying because of the fact that it helps understand the designer’s creation through the fabric, as well as talented models who give life to the clothings. They did a great job at putting the designs on the spotlight, thanks to their physical presence and attitude.
-You also mentioned you got to talk to Jacquemus himself! What was that encounter like?
At the end of the show, all the models got next to Jacquemus. I got to talk to him and congratulate him on his great collection, and he was very greatful. He’s a really nice person, very talented and with great creativity. He’s a great inspiration for me. His career path motivates me. I know I’ll get to see him again soon, I can feel it!
Here’s a video of the show’s finale, it was taken by Maïrola: 


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